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Employees at KPK come from varying backgrounds and walks of life. The KPK family currently consists of consultants who are single or married, citizens and non-citizens. Therefore the needs, responsibilities, and expectations of each consultant will vary.

In congruence with the diversity of KPK employees, KPK has developed a unique program which is devoted to providing the most comprehensive employee benefit package that is tailored to meet the needs of each employee. General information with regards to employee benefits is listed below, however please keep in mind that each consultant’s benefit package will be individually tailored in order to fulfill their preferences.

Employee Benefits Include
  • Comprehensive individual and family medical / dental / Vision / Life insurance plans.
  • Paid vacation/holiday and maternity leave. Additionally, we have affiliations with several accredited day care facilities to meet your family’s specific needs.
  • Training operations from industry experienced professionals to stay up to date.
  • Training for both technical skills and interpersonal business relationships through the Client Consultant Relationship Program (CCRP).
  • Reimbursements for interviewing, travel, and relocation expenses.
  • Assistance in financial planning from experienced industry professionals with regards to 401K plans, life insurance, and commodities investing (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.). We have affiliations with leading national investment companies and discount brokerages to help you with all your financial needs.
  • Processing of green cards and visas for family members on an individual basis.

"Employee Satisfaction is KPK Priority One"
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